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"Sickle Cell Center of Southern CT: Mobilizing Resources FOR the Future”

A Thriving Sickle Cell Center

The new Sickle Cell Center of greater New Haven will play a central role in the support of the sickle cell community. In support of the organization’s mission, SCDAA-SC will leverage the facility to partner with local universities and colleges to provide tutorial support for sickle cell students needing the additional support. 

Through the new center, we will provide variety of educational programs related to sickle cell disease.  Our objective is to empower clients to be true partners in their health care management and ability to be active partners with their providers (and within their families if they are minors). 

The center will have the capacity to provide social service support.  We will work closely with hospitals and other health care facilities to optimize communication and help to minimize the social challenges and barriers to a optimal health status that families and individuals encounter with respect to medical referrals, medical treatment options, housing, and transportation.

More on the renovations and next steps.  Students and instructors from the State Vocation Technical School system representing Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing are at the work site daily.  Materials, capital funding, and a number of professional services’ (e.g., architecture, construction management, interior design. landscaping) hours have been donated by a number of stakeholders.  Banners posted around the worksite enumerate all of the supporting stakeholder organizations.  

As the renovations continue, the Open House committee is busy making plans with an October 2018 launch date in mind!  Stay tuned for future updates.