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The charge of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) is to lead and direct the clinical and medical direction of the SCDAA of Southern CT.  The committee is comprised of clinical and medical professionals who work to advance and enhance the quality of services, new and expanded care options and the quality of life for the sickle cell community.


The MAC will work to collaborate with other clinical partners and associations to promote synergy to improve the quality of care and service throughout Southern CT.  Further the MAC will work to support innovative awareness and prevention programs to benefit the sickle cell community.


The MAC will collaborate with other local, regional and national partners to promote the awareness of clinical trials and advances in clinical care in addition to conducting and hosting educational programs for both the sickle cell community and the broader community relative to awareness.



The MAC will also embrace innovative methodologies and system improvements that serve in the best interest of the sickle cell community. And finally, the MAC will develop quantitative and qualitative tools to measure and evaluate as needed all new and previous systems that have the potential to impact the quality of life and quality of care of the sickle cell community.

Dowin Boatright, MD

Robert Bona, MD

Susanna Curtis, MD

Ellen Doram, LCSW

Everol Ennis, APRN

William Fodor, PhD

Inginia Genao, MD

Shermaine Hutchins

Byron Kennedy, MD

Jewel Mullen, MD, MPH, MPA

Marcella Nunez-Smith, MHS, MD

Genice Nelson, DNP

James E. Rawlings, MPH

Frank A. Taverez-Mora